Personal Excellence Essentials: May 2014

Our Avoid Employee Workplace Conflict Before You Need To Resolve It article has been included in this months edition of Personal Excellence Essentials.

The article (renamed 'Turn Conflict into Potential' for print-spacing/editorial reasons) looks at first diffusing pending conflict early and then seeing all sides of what was at issue to establish a collaborative way forward.

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Articles in this issue include...

  • In addition to our piece, this month has some other excellent articles such as
  • Prompt Your Brain to Win: What does practicing winning look like?
  • Listening to a Pessimist: Five ways to leverage (and love) your pessimists
  • 10 Power Habits: Helping you change your life
  • Are Your Strengths Strong Enough?: Strengths have gaps that only confidence can bridge

You can download the PDF version here or check out the interactive, online version here