In a recent Entrepreneur article, author (and highly-decorated former Navy SEAL) Jeff Boss looked at five very different programs that address the "human side" of any business.

Jeff picked out our unique program under a "Fulfillment and Engagement" classification and had some very nice things to say about us...

Employee Engagement is a No-BrainerHe began by saying

This is a no-brainer: Every leader, every CEO wants engaged employees. After all, an engaged employee is a happy employee, and happy employees produce. 

This is 100% true in any business or organization, and it was his next sentence that really made us smile; " offers just that"

Jeff went on to say how BP2W uses short, pulse-style surveys to measure engagement and satisfaction levels before mentioning what really differentiates us from others in our field - i.e. the built in activities and resources that help you (executives, managers, front-line employees) improve.  

Our program is not just informational, it's transformational.

In the article (and I encourage you to read it) Jeff  looked at five areas that are very important in a people-centric business environment;

  • Constant and never-ending improvement
  • Fulfillment and Engagement (where we were featured)
  • Feedback
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Teamwork

While we know that BP2W also ticks the boxes for all of these areas, four other companies/products are identified as great resources for addressing these areas.  And you know what?  We fully agree.  

In fact, we would always encourage anyone to look at the various tools and programs available, ask for a demonstration (or even a pilot) and do what is right for your business and your employees.  After all, BP2W is built around the premise of finding out people's needs and then doing what is right to meet those needs and hence improve holistically.

As Jeff said when concluding the article "There's no better way to predict business success than by measuring your company's "human factor." So, get started today."


Thanks Jeff


About Jeff Boss

Jeff BossJeff Boss is a leadership coach with a focus on adaptability who leverages his previous careers as a Navy SEAL and business consultant to help clients accelerate success.  

Jeff is also the author of "Navigating Chaos: How To Find Certainty In Uncertain Situations"

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