If you are of my generation (or just musically diverse) the title of this blog post may have you now humming a very popular 90's song.

But while listening to the opening lines of Vanilla Ice's global hit recently, it resonated with me how important this was in the area of Employee Engagement and Workplace Relationships.

Collaborate and listen to employees to boost employee engagementStop...

...insisting that the engagement process is a Management and/or Human Resources function.

These are very busy people in any organization and for them to still be burdened with the logistics of an annual survey and then have to mine a myriad of subjective data is impractical and inefficient.

Furthermore, if something is eventually plucked from all the data and communicated to the masses, it is frequently seen as just another top-down, management agenda item.

Employees need to be engaged in the engagement process. If the workforce sees that they not only provide input, but are actively involved in post-survey activities, they will buy into your initiatives. They now have some real skin in the game.


...across, within and through all levels of the organization.

When people come to work each day they usually interact with a very small subset of the organization - their team, department colleagues and the like.

If they are empowered to work together on boosting workplace relationships and engagement in their own area, improvements will be more timely and focussed than looking for that (elusive) one-size-fits-all idea.

Team leaders and department management can then share experiences with each other and a deep, multi-level collaboration effort is now in full effect.


...to employee needs, feedback, concerns, etc... and take time to find out what makes them feel valued.

When employees feel valued they are infinitely more willing to go the extra step, help in other areas and take pride in their work. People who feel special, act special.

But until we get to know what positively or (more importantly) negatively affects an individual how can we be sure we are optimizing their working environment.

Feeling valued in the workplace directly impacts an employee's sense of self-awareness and self-esteem and we keep reiterating, "High self esteem is the fuel for performance".