The Association for Business Psychology WorkForce Experience Awards fINALISTThe creator of An Even Better Place to Work (Shay McConnon) is a 2014 ABP Workforce Experience Awards finalist in the category: "Excellence in Employee Engagement".

Entrants to this specialist category were invited to demonstrate rigor and/or innovation in the area of employee engagement including (but not limited to)

  • the measurement approach used
  • an intervention made to increase engagement
  • the approach taken to demonstrate effectiveness.


The purpose of the Workforce Experience Awards is to "Celebrate Excellence in Business Psychology".

The Association of Business Psychologists (ABP)'s Workforce Experience Awards Program offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology. Whilst many awards programs exist in the field of Human Resources generally, and in various psychological disciplines, the ABP Workforce Experience Awards focus on demonstrating how applying an understanding of the science of human behaviour can impact Workforce Experience and deliver commercial and practical value to organizations.

The awards Conference is scheduled for 15 May in London, England.