Ownership and Accountability

Employee Accountabillity & Ownership brings Motivated Results Ownership is about taking responsibility for producing results and having needs come to fruition rather than expecting mangers to assign responsibility. Employees who seek out ownership transcend usual productivity levels and exhibit workplace superiority.

It is of paramount importance for employees to accept ownership for improving the quality of their own work lives.

Taking the initiative to ensure your workplace requirements are met promotes a healthy environment and leads to a greater organizational maturity level.

There is little point in employees moaning about their job, the workplace culture or how they want to be treated if they are not willing to accept that the change must be initiated by themselves.

In this activity we will

  • introduce the concept and demonstrate the language of ownership
  • provide team members the opportunity to agree to a culture of not moaning and grumbling about things
  • give employees the chance to take ownership for being open about how they want to be treated so colleagues can get the best from them