Employee Openness & Trust builds Team Unity

 Employee Transparency, Openness & Trust Helps Build Team UnityBeing open is the ability to talk freely about needs, feelings and concerns in the workplace. It is also about being receptive to new ideas and feedback.

Sharing information, feelings and concerns builds trust and is a primary key in any venture, activity or project involving more than one person.

Employee openness, trust and transparency also ensures that people are kept informed of issues as they arise and that everyone receives current knowledge about an ever-changing situation.

Lack of openness can create mis-trust, lead to hidden agendas and be detrimental to the team, attitude, work and productivity.

Company and business owners who value the thoughts and opinions of their staff stand a much better chance of being successful.

In this activity we will

  • explore levels of openness within the team or department
  • help people to be more open about themselves in a fun, non-threatening way
  • provide an opportunity for staff to be more open and develop trust and openness in the team