Employee Motivation is critical to Staff Performance

Employee Motivation drives productivity Motivation is the inner desire to take action. Motivating others is getting them to do what you need them to do because they want to do it!

Motivation usually stems from some form of self-interest. There typically needs to be some form of reward, incentive or benefit for the individual or team, otherwise they will not be motivated to act.

Employee motivation in the workplace translates into energy, energy into action and action into results. It is a critical element of employee morale and performance gains. Great leaders are also great motivators within the work environment.

It can come in many forms such as having clear objectives, able to take risks, a simple thank you, secure workplace, peer recognition, increased responsibility, opportunity for promotion or financial incentives.

In this activity we will

  • look at what motivates employees and why it matters to them
  • determine aspects of the job that do and do not motivate employees
  • explore ways people can motivate each other to improve morale