Managing Staff Differences & Diversity brings Success.

Managing Employee Differences & Diversity Leads to Success. Difference management is respecting the different needs, diversities and motivations of people and relating to them in ways they find rewarding.

If employee diversity and differences are not managed and kept in check they can lead to conflict, dysfunctional teams, inefficiency and wasted effort.

Individuals and teams inherently have different wants, needs, ideas and personal motivators, but when managed effectively these differences can become complementary to each other and facilitate a common synergy. By leveraging these diversities and exhibiting a willingness to take (or at least appreciate) a different view, we can harness cross-functional synergies throughout the team and organization.

Employee Difference Management is a highly important management skill that can bring a team together, eliminate potential problems before they manifest and build a cohesive team.

In this activity we will

  • learn to appreciate and celebrate differences and diversity among the team
  • review the different priorities of team members and explore ways these differences can be handled effectively
  • help people recognize the value that differences can bring, rather than letting differences degenerate into tension and conflict

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities
Stephen Covey