What is BP2W?

An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) is a unique program
of Diagnostics, Activities and Resources that yields fast, measurable results.

How it does it

With simple pulse-style surveys, immediate analysis and built in activities to make pertinent and targeted improvements.
The result is motivated, productive, loyal employees who have great working relationships with their colleagues & your clients.

Intro to Diagnostic & Results (4 Mins)

Intro to Activities & Resources (5 Mins)

It's NOT a Survey.....it's a SOLUTION !

One-off or annual employee surveys (dumped on HR and/or management) heed very little benefit and can actually be damaging to staff morale and trust.

Employee Opinion Surveys (the old way)

  • Time-consuming, Judgemental Questions on Management and Organization
  • ~50% response rate with Minimal Employee Commitment
  • Time Delays as Point-in-Time Results are collated (sometimes months)
  • HR and/or Management burdened to Dissect Data and Seek Improvements
  • Managers Busy, Little Happens and Employees Wonder "What's the point?"

An Even Better Place to Work (the new way)

  • Efficient, Insightful and Honest analysis of Employee and Team Needs
  • ~95% response rate ensuring Maximum Staff Engagement
  • Reports and Metrics Immediately Available (with historical progress)
  • Employees Empowere while HR and/or Management overhead is Minimized
  • Staff participate in Short, Stimulating Activities and Establish Real Goals