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Employees; engaged...

Successful organizations have motivated staff who feel valued, go the extra mile, inspire others and become leaders. They recognize the need for an engaged workforce - in good times to stay competative and in lean times to stay alive.

'An Even Better Place to Work' is our unique Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction improvement program of inter-related measures, activities and resources to build a well led, motivated and productive workforce. 

The Program...


...had real impact on the bottom line – we were able to resolve issues with key customers which, left unresolved would have cost us money.
Karen Meaden - Siemens


The program is directly aligned to individual and team performance and will increase the profitability of your business by creating happy, enthusiastic, collaborative and focussed employees.

The underlying philosophy ensures that employees ask

"What am I going to do?"

rather than  

"What is management going to do?"

An Even Better Place to Work will change the culture of your organization from within and works successfully with a single team, a division or the entire company.

✓  Measure engagement, morale, loyalty and areas of concern

✓  Develop a dynamic, energetic, productive work culture

✓  Build an organizational solution to address staff issues

✓  Attract skilled, loyal staff and increase employee retention

  The Process...


What I love about An Even Better Place to Work is that it’s both top down AND bottom up. It works for the business and for the individual too.
Sarah Cooper - BAE Systems

One-off surveys with little or forced follow-up heed very little benefit and can actually be damaging to staff morale and trust.  

The ongoing diagnostics, activities and goal-setting within this employee engagement program provide the means to identify and address critical issues in a systematic and measurable manner.  This enables individuals, teams and the entire organization to take ownership for improvements in teamwork and overall performance.

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Employees take unique survey addressing individual and team needs rather than critiquing the organization and/or management


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Real-time analysis via charts and reports that are easy to interpret and track engagement across the enterprise

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Employees establish and track personal and team goals around the seven satisfaction at work indicators


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Teams meet to review charts and participate in engaging activities designed to address areas of concern

 The Potential...


A powerful, innovative way to engage staff – we got some very important issues onto the table
Trisha Western – Sony

The greatest source of inefficiency for most organizations lies in working relationships. An Even Better Place to Work has been designed to transform rather than inform so rather than simply talking about openness, trust and collaboration it helps create them from within.

This holistic program of incremental and developmental team activities, job satisfaction surveys, goal-setting opportunities and employee engagement success metrics delivers a motivated, productive & loyal workforce.  

Highly Motivated 
More Engagement 
Increased Productivity  

Assume Ownership
Exhibit Openness and Trust 
Better Working Relationships 

Less People Problems 
Retain Engaged Employess 
Increase Productivity and Profits  

Just think what this can do for your business, your customers ...

...and your bottom line!!!