Employee Engagement

Motivated Staff
Reduced Conflict
Higher Productivity
Organizational Success

It's not a survey... ...its a solution!

"The days of the annual engagement survey are slowly coming to an end"

Forbes Article - May 2014


Employees complete a short (6-7 mins) survey on their needs rather than opinions


Immediate charts and metrics ensure no time is lost addressing key areas


Teams meet to run 20-30 minute activities that boost engagement at the local level


Individuals and teams determine what THEY will do to improve THEIR area of concern

Employees; Engaged & Productive


Improve leadership, develop teams, increase staff satisfaction and boost productivity through an all-inclusive, online, self-managed solution

An Even Better Place to Work is our unique Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction improvement program of inter-related measures, activities and resources to build a well led, motivated and productive workforce. 

Successful organizations have motivated staff who feel valued, go the extra mile, inspire others and become leaders. They recognize the need for an engaged workforce - in good times to stay competitive and in lean times to stay alive.

 Employee Opinion Surveys

Time-consuming, judgemental questions on management, organization and culture

~50% response rate with minimal employee commitment

Time delays as point-in-time results are collated (sometimes months)

HR and/or Management burdened to dissect data and search for improvements

Managers busy, little happens and employees grumble "What's the point"

 An Even Better Place to Work

Efficient, insightful and honest input on employee and team needs

~95% response rate ensuring maximum staff engagement

Reports and metrics immediately available (with historical progress)

HR and/or Management overhead removed as employees empowered to make improvements

Staff participate in short, stimulating group activities and establish individual & team goals

One-off and/or annual employee surveys dumped on HR and/or management heed very little benefit and can actually be damaging to staff morale and trust.

The ongoing diagnostics, activities and goal-setting within this employee engagement program provide the means to identify and address critical issues in a systematic and measurable manner. This enables individuals, teams and the entire organization to take ownership for improvements in teamwork and overall staff performance.

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Employees take short diagnostic on individual and team needs rather than critiquing the organization and/or management


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Real-time analysis reports that are easy to interpret and track engagement across employee, teams and the organization

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Employees establish and track personal and team goals around the seven satisfaction at work indicators


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Teams meet to review charts and participate in engaging activities designed to address areas of concern

It's not just a survey ....... it's a Solution

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